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Why Gold

Investing in gold is an idea that most investors consider, but perhaps don’t follow through with.  It’s understandable, given the expense it costs to invest in gold, but that is also why one should.  When looking up gold quotes, the price for one ounce of gold is well over $1,600.  That is a tremendous mark up from just a few years ago.  Gold has been on the increase for decades and it’s all because of the way the economy is.  The more the United States is in a recession, the higher gold is priced.

Now, it can seem that given the economy is in a recession, budgets are tighter.  To invest in an ounce of gold can be a stretch for certain investors, however, this is why investing would be such a wise choice.  The price of gold is only going up experts say and those who invested in gold years ago are now reaping the rewards.  Gold investment is not supposed to be looked at as a quick financial fix.  Gold prices only go up slightly over the years this is why using gold investment as a future financial security blanket is the key.  With inflation on the rise, gold has real value that can be sold universally.  Making a profit down the road will be more of a certainty that most stocks invested in.

This doesn’t mean put all your investment dollars into gold, but rather look at gold as a great way toward really diversifying your portfolio.  Precious metals are tangible assets.  They can be stored for a rainy day and will not lose all value in a day.  Gold always has value.  The price quotes in the market may fluctuate, but gold will never be completely unvaluable across the world.

Gold has fascinated civilizations for centuries.  It has great capabilities that make it very coveted.  Gold is used in many industries beyond jewelery, but it being resistant to corrosion and long lasting over centuries of ill treatment, gold will always perserver.  It can be melted down into any shape, it can form a statue or be laced through fabric.  Gold does not tarnish over time and has an innate beauty that is always coveted.

While there may be more valuable precious metals such as silver, as silver is the most sought after precious metal in industry standards, gold will always be the most coveted. Probably in part because of the hype brought on by the media and public, but there’s just nothing quite like gold. It’s beautiful complexion and it being so valuable in such a small quantity makes gold a great investment. It doesn’t take much to store it and a little bit goes a long way.